We'd love to help your business

About us

We help you achieve your sales and marketing results

We help you develop more focused, rewarding relationships with your customers.

With the right Marketing Automation and CRM systems, you can attract more customers and provide excellent service to your existing customers.

We help you select simple software applications or services that are right for your business and your budget. We help you customise them to your needs and show you how to use them effectively.

Some might say we're a boutique Social CRM Consultancy. We say we're simply here to help your small business find a suitable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution and Marketing Automation (MA) system you'll actually use. Every day.

We're independent experts

We've loved and breathed all things CRM-related in the last 17 years. We've experienced first-hand how 'not to do it'. We don't think you need to find out the hard way. Let us make it easy for you. We ensure you know exactly what's involved, how to make your CRM project a successful one and get you up and running faster.

We understand small businesses

We get really excited about how we can help passionate, small business owners grow their business. So we're purposively small, to ensure we give you the individual attention you deserve.

We're cosmopolitan

We're based in South Bucks, in the UK. However we're equally at home in Europe. Our team members speak English, French, German and Italian. With a smattering of Russian!

We're easy-going

We work wherever it makes most sense. From our home office, cafes, the airport or your premises.

We care about your business

We dislike duplication and inefficiencies. We want to help you make the best use of your time to get the best results for your business. We get excited about new technology, new productivity apps and new features. So we're a little bit geeky. But only when it truly helps do things better and faster. But most of all we love getting other people excited about the results they can achieve when they use technology to their advantage. 

We believe in supporting our business community

Vanessa Hunt is the Regional Ambassador for Buckinghamshire for Business Biscotti, an informal business networking group.

Vanessa was also responsible for launching a brand new Biscotti group which meets at Bisham Abbey on the third Thursday of the month. The group has now been running for four years, and is classed as a favourite Biscotti networking group in the South. She runs the group with Chrystel Melhuish of Plum Design & Publishing Ltd.

For upcoming events, please check the dedicated Buckinghamshire events page on the Business Biscotti website.